Susie of Style Bubble recently posted about the UK magazine market for teens; praising the rise of Company Magazine and lamenting the U.K.’s lack of Teen Vogue. It led me to think about what I read as a teen. I had two subscriptions and waited impatiently for their arrival each month. I used to rip out the pages that inspired me and stick them all over my walls, much to my Mum’s disgust. In a very compulsive fashion, I would cut neatly around the edges to placate my Mum a little and carefully arrange the blue tac on the back not to “damage the walls” (my parents were obsessed with not ever having to replaster!)

The two magazines were The Face and SKY Magazine (not the one that comes free with your TV subscription.) In fashion terms, The Face is remembered fondly. Kate Moss’ iconic first cover and superb editorial by Corinne Day (posted about here by Liberty London Girl.) Nick Knight’s awe-inspiring shoot with the Alexander McQueen…the list goes on. But I ask myself, what about SKY Magazine?

As I looked for covers for this post, I saw many were nude shots and not taken in an arty, creative way; think more “lad mag.” I remember it fondly as being cool but do I remember it with a sense of misplaced nostalgia? As my parents forced me to get rid of all my magazines when they packed me off to university (most hideous trip to the recycling skip EVER) I don’t have any copies to flick through. Do you remember SKY Magazine and what it was really like? Was it the epitome of cool that I remember or just a precursor to FHM?

Images courtesy of my favourite new Tumblr – The Face, The Archive.

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