Not high-end, not high-street


Middle range brands are ruling the U.K. high street at the moment. ReissJaeger and Whistles are all receiving lots of publicity in the fashion press and rightly so. Their lines are elegant, fashion forward and refined. The problem for me starts with the prices. Yes, in designer terms, they are affordable but in terms of high street, mass produced clothing, they are not. £185 for a party dress at Reiss, £600 for a Jaeger coat…all a little too much for me. I did buy a fabulous dress from Reiss in the summer, paying £165 but so did a lot of other people! I think Topshop has marred my view of what affordable fashion is. Their stock is updated several times a week, it is still fashion forward, maybe not sooo refined, maybe worn by hundreds of other people…but at Topshop’s prices, most definitely affordable and disposable. That brings me to the Whistles dress above, aptly named “Watergarden.” A very Balenciaga inspired design yet at the very un-Balenciaga price of £130. For me that’s still a little too much for an on-trend look, although I sense florals will transend the seasons, as they always have. To see it “in action” on’s Street Chic, does make it seem more appealing. The only question I have to ask myself is, should I buy it and if I do, am I buying into the escalating prices of these middle of the range “brands?”

Christian Joy


Costumière Christian Joy is best know for her collaborations with Karen-O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, creating visually stunning stage pieces for the fashion forward singer. Now, her delights can be passed on to us mere mortals but in a slightly less flamboyant style. Take a look at Christian Joy’s website, where her clothes are showcased through outstanding photography in suitably cool locations, with the inclusion of a token accordion!

The Selby


Seeing people in their own space, their natural habitat, offers an unadulterated insight into who they really are. The Selby offers a photographic platter of images that represent people in their true light, in their comfort zone. Visually the site is stunning; then click on the main image to discover a little more. What quirky ornaments lurk on their shelves, what pieces of art do they hold dear? See Alexander Wang in his atelier, see cutting edge designers and artists relaxing at home. The part I love about The Selby is that is humanises people that are often separated from the average person and although it is extremely voyeristic, with the permission of the subjects, it really doesn’t seem so. Spend a few minutes (or, more likely hours!) clicking…to reveal just a little more.

The Kooples


The concept of The Kooples has intrigued me since seeing posters sprawled across the Marais in Paris this summer. Each poster placed an effortlessly cool couple together with a small slogan stating “depuis…ans” denoting their time together. Now The Kooples have revealed their true selves, in the form of a unisex brand of clothing. The “boyfriend” jean or blazer are always very now but why do they have to be defined by gender? The Kooples offer a much desired style of dressing, one of sharing (partner optional.) See their website here; e-shopping and blog to come soon. I must now offer up a small warning – you may feel decidedly uncool after reading the profiles of “Les Kooples!”

I am…sans ordinateur!


Damn those computer crows, they’ve eaten part of my laptop! While my poor Macbook gets some much needed TLC, the blog has been and shall continue to be postless. HOPEFULLY, the laptop will return soon and posting can begin. Just wanted to keep you informed. R x

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