I felt the need to share some of my current favourite tunes with you. You may think I shareth too much but music feels especially important to me in the summer. There is always music playing; be it in my house or car etc and I begin my autumn/winter gig planning with Clarice. I’m not sure if these links will work but they are to Spotify (I wasn’t sure how else to do this legally!)

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work
The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition – Original Version
Phoenix – 1901
Miike Snow – Animal
Jack Penate – Pull My Heart Away
Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People
Julian Plenti – Games For Days
Florence + The Machine – Drumming Song
Jack Penate – Every Glance
Passion Pit – To Kingdom Come
Miike Snow – Silvia

The only sad thing about this snippet of my playlist is that I believe Topshop has a similar current list – which only goes to prove Things of Random Coolness‘ belief that I get too caught up in trends! Missing are some faves, including Bat For Lashes (saved for bedtime mellowness) Interpol and Grizzly Bear, whose current album – Veckatimest isn’t included on Spotify. P.S. I LOVE the image far right that I pinched from Jack Peñate – his website is beautiful!

Florence + the Machine


A close second behind la mode or is that joint first with la lecture?…comes la musique. Refreshingly some true fashionistas have entered the world of music, where for me their style surpasses their musicianship. A prime example is the gorgeous Florence + the Machine – her look is truly unique and uncompromising, her innate talent undeniable, her music…is not yet to my taste (although I’m only 2 listens into the album.) Sometimes the hype surrounding these artistes is overwhelming, almost as if the industry cannot contain itself at the musical enigma it is presented with. They don’t have to manufacture anything, all the elements of success are there; beauty – check, talent – check, quirky fashion-forward style, check, hoards of equally cool fans – check! The album is then released and it’s good but not the equal to the phenomenon of the artist. The N.M.E. released quite a mediocre review of Florence’s album Lungs, that sums up what I said here in a far more scathing manner (which does make me sad as Florence’s voice is a joy!) Her style is breathtaking and so uplifting in an industry of complete fashion lemmings, so now I’m going to give her music a chance. Listen to Florence here and peruse her fashion magnificence everywhere.

Cat Power for Levi’s


Known for dipping her toes into the world of fashion, Cat Power is delving further as the face of the new Levi’s ad campaign. Regular readers will be familiar with my musical appreciation of Miss. Chan Marshall (a.k.a. Cat Power) and in all honesty, I found this a strange collaborative choice. Cat’s previous dalliances with fashion were with La Maison de Chanel….discovered by M.Largerfeld himself – Levi’s just seems a world away. I admire her choice though and hopefully she can bring a little cool back to the global brand. See Cat Power for Levi’s here and make up your mind.



Yes, she’s officially recognised as “cool.” Yes, her album has received critical and popular acclaim. Yes, she wears a lot of plaid. But what has drawn me in is the quality of her music. Ladyhawke’s self-entitled first album may hark back to a bygone era, where Bananarama ruled the airways which for me is its greatest appeal. There are few albums that I can listen to from start to finish and find enjoyment in each track but Pip Brown has produced an offering that involves no “skippage.” Maybe it is nostalgia for my childhood that keeps me engaged – the thought of big hair and tonnes of lycra mixed with fluffy pop and I think her cat adoration as seen in her illustrative covers helps too! Check out Ladyhawke’s MySpace and website, plus catch her on tour in Europe and in the U.K. with the Ting Tings.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour


The coolest fringe in music today + girl crush potential = The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Aside from lead singer Mette Lindberg’s obvious appeal, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are producing an eclectic mix of 70’s-00’s pop/electro in psychedelic technicolour, all in the vein of Burt Bacharach on acid. This combined with their intrinsic sense of style and cool, make for a very appealing band. Publicity is not something The Asteroids will need – they have been championed by Apple and have featured as the soundtrack artist in the iPod Touch add, so stardom beckons. Now all I have to ask myself, is why I can’t get away with such a cool fringe! Listen on MySpace and check out their website here. If you have any doubts about the Asteroids, take a look on iTunes at their fly-on-the-wall video – not only are they cool but they’re super nice too.

Cat Power


I have extolled the fashionable virtues of Miss. Power on the old version of my blog..but Monday night was my first live experience of her musical genius. The venue, Colston Hall, Bristol was actually very intimate and Chan Marshall (Miss. Power) was just hanging out on the steps with the Delta Blues Band as we arrived. Her voice evokes a strange analogy; it was almost like melting butter (it sounds sadly dweeby even as I write!)…so soulful and “raw.” So aside from her fashion icon status, Cat Power’s musical dexterity is now undeniable. Check out Chan Marshall’s vocal talent on her MySpace.



Effortless cool + a voice like syrup with a slightly grated edge = enchanting Swedish songstress Lykke Li. Everything from her album artwork; Youth Novels is her debut album, to her incredulously high bun as she performs, offers an aspirational sense of cool. She has also successfully pulled off the hareem/pirate pants look on stage (no mean feat!) Check out her music on MySpace or her website and prepare to be charmed.

Anthony for Yoox


Anthony (of the Johnsons fame) has created a beautiful one-off dress for Yoox, to be auctioned off for Sylvia Riviera Law ProjectSRLP fights for the rights of transgendered people that cannot afford legal representation. The dress will go on eBay this month and I’m sure it will be WAY out of my budgetary league (could have potentially been an answer to The Quest!) Anthony’s dress is carefully designed and seems to me, to hold the same sensitivity as his delicate lyrics and vocals. I shall keep my eye on the dress and hope it makes plenty of money for Anthony’s designated charity.

Nouvelle Vague


Last night I went to see a Nouvelle Vague gig; a truly visual and acoustic delight. For those of you unfamiliar with the French fancy that is Nouvelle Vague, they are essentially a covers band but with a truly unique twist. The idea is to never forget the initial punk or new wave background of each song, keeping the simple fundamental chords, while working with young singers who have never heard the orginal versions. This allows the quality of original songwriting to happen in a completely different/organic way. There is an original, 60’s jazz feel to each song with a giant soupçon (excuse my poor juxtaposed qualifier!) of bossa nova thrown in. Their album artwork is equally inspirational, epitomising the French cinema movement of Nouvelle Vague. Last night, the performers, who vary with each album/track/gig, were a style explosion on stage. They writhed and shimmied across the stage, synchronising their artful dance moves. Take a look at my Flickr photos here (excuse the blurring!) and indulge your ears with some Nouvelle Vague.

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