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There is a shop in the Pompidou Centre that reminds me of a childhood obsession of mine and an odd one at that! I adored pencil easers, so named “rubbers” although that has a different connotation now. I especially loved the Japanese variety, brightly coloured and distinctly perfumed. The Cetre Pompidou shop is like stepping into a fantasy world of trinkets and fripperies – none of them needed but all desired (like the pencil eraser fantasy shop of my youth!) I was drawn to these Origami necklaces by Claire Naa and Arnaud Soulignac. They are so delicate and yet decadent, born of a love of the Japanese art. I do not NEED another necklace but my compulsion is such that I may HAVE to have one! See all the shapes and colours on offer here and step into my fantasy at the Pompidou on your next visit to Paris.

Je suis revenue!


Paris était formidable…comme toujours! The city draws me in, as always. It was expensive (more so as the Euro becomes stronger than the British pound,) it was busy and hectic but still something about the city gives me an inner serenity that I don’t find elsewhere. Big cities have a very obvious appeal for the tourist but the longer I spend in Paris and the more I get to know the city, I wonder if it could ever be a “home.” Am I deluding myself? Am I seduced by the appeal of big-city life, as seen by a visitor? I used to live in London and after a year I did become disillusioned and frankly lonely in a city of millions. Would that be the case in Paris….I will keep you posted.

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