A Single Man


The strength of anticipation I must hold for this film became evident as I tried to create my collage. Yes, I’m quite a perfectionist. Yes, my images are usually faffy and take a while to create. But today, trying to make something to suitably represent Tom Ford’s directorial debut, I deliberated, dithered and deleted for hours. Here’s the problem, this promises to be a beautiful film. I can’t remember the last time I was drawn to a film based on the visual aesthetic alone…if ever? Every image I tried to collate seemed incredibly less beautiful than the simplicity of the movie poster itself; everything I tried to compile seemed overworked and messy. I’m still unhappy with it and have saved the Photoshop file to fiddle some more!

I watched the trailer today with the sound off and realised what has drawn me in so completely – its similarity to a glossy coffee table book or magazine. The production design is by the same people that brought the glorious glamour of the 60’s to the small screen, in Mad Men. The film (I keep saying “film” I should say, “trailer” as that is my only exposure to A Single Man thus far!) Anyhoo, the film has that grainy, saturated feel of an authentic 60’s production. Just watching the trailer makes me want to go out, apply copious amounts of eyeliner, bouffant my hair and pour myself a tall drink by the piano. There’s Hitchcock-esque suspense, romance and tortured souls but it’s not the story that’s captured my attention. Tom Ford has created a visual delight, comparable to a season’s collection or an editorial spread. I will reserve full judgement until I have viewed; my only concern is that this perfect visual may, for me, overwhelm the narrative thread. For now, I implore you to let the opulence of the trailer wash over you and to see A Single Man for yourself when it opens in you area.

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