I am not a frequent celebrity blogger. You won’t find many, “loving what she wore” posts here. But today I felt compelled to post on, of all things, a celebrity dominoes tournament! The Hollywood Domino Tournament in NYC, held last night, brought out a certain style that I adore – 1920’s old school Hollywood glamour. I am not enamoured with the Hollywood of today; there is no sense of mystery, intrigue or inherent style. However, this charity event brought a glimpse of the Hollywood we have lost, with a sense of unadulterated elegance. Be whisked away in an air of nostalgia on Popsugar. Celeb posting endeth here. (for now anyway!)



Feathers on animals are functional – they aid in flight, thermal insulation and waterproofing. As a human being, the most appealing attribute of feathers is their colouration. In the animal kingdom, the hue helps in communication and protection. In my world, the varied palette offers unlimited hair possibilities. Feathers are everywhere at the moment; on clothing and capes but particularly in the hair. Etsy have some fantastic pieces but I have been particularly taken by Each piece is handmade and one of a kind, described as, “Not perfect but fantastic and sometimes fantastic is better than perfect.” I LOVE this ethic – imperfections make everything so much more interesting. See the huge variety of slight imperfect perfection here. P.S. My only concern, can feathers really be called cruelty-free? I feel I need to educate myself a little more.

American Apparel


It’s a well known fact that American Apparel do good basics. What tends to wow me the most about the U.S. uber-brand is their Ways to Wear It feature. So many of their items are multi-purpose/unisex and the way in which they’re displayed and showcased makes them seem more of an essential buy than they probably actually are! Two that have hit my purchase radar of late are the Le Sac dress and the Unisex Circular Scarf. Their multipurpose usage is so well explained, however I’m sure I’ll struggle with some of the possible incarnations! As far as marketing tools go, American Apparel have plenty at their disposal; see their website for their full arsenal.

Buy My Wardrobe


Not literally mine but that of others. In an age of recycling, crunching credit and retail therapy, Buy My Wardrobe offers an exclusive look into the closets of some true fashionistas and an opportunity to buy their wares. The list of Wardrobe Mistresses for the next sale, scheduled for Jan/Feb of next year, is quite glittering. Contributors include magazine editors, presenters, bloggers and fashion executives; they’re sure to have some little gems to reveal at 50-75% off the original price. To be added to the mailing list or to prove your fashion credentials are uber-cool enough to allow you to sell, go to the website.



Gwyneth Paltrow may not be adored by some “celebrity” bloggers. The reasons for which seem to involve her unwillingness to discuss her private life (something I personally understand.) Miss Paltrow has never grated on me, so when she made her first foray into the e-world, I was intruiged. GOOP is a website with newsletters collating Gwyneth’s musings on life, fashion and indulgences. The advice given is balanced and objective on topics ranging from how to help a pessimistic friend to where to eat out in London. My personal favourite and unfortunately, possibly the most vacuous was newsletter 3 Miss. Paltrow’s suggestions on how to dress well and easily. My proposition, is give GOOP a try; you may like it.



Hand-drawn textile prints make Katherine Pont’s London-based label, Mine, so appealing and so different. The individual touch that each piece has, makes them objects of desire. Romantic fiction and a modern edge combine to make oversized yet delicate collars and beautiful jersey neckwear. Katherine’s designs also include an extensive range of apparel, indicative of her fun yet sophisticated, Australian roots. Mine is a juxtaposition of styles and life that works so well. For more information go to the main site, Mine’s MySpace and buy from Beyond the Valley.

Robert Archard


I am odd, in many ways; the most shocking to many in that I dislike biscuits. They can be beautiful to behold – elegant, neat, fanciful and pretty BUT I only like to look, not eat. It’s not an issue of calorie content just treat preference. My treat of choice is pure, unadulterated chocolate not in the dried biscuit form. Robert Archard gives me the opportunity to indulge my visual fondness for biscuits, in the form of twee ceramic biscuit boxes. Custard Creams, Bourbons, Pink Wafers and Jam Sandwiches need not pass my lips, just sit on my dressing table (if I had one!) See Robert’s website for more of his creations and to purchase online.

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