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Two news items 1. You may have noticed the new image size – it’s a trial, fiddling with a few ideas! 2. I LOVE Vice & Vanity. Their new collection, Sinew and Strain, juxtaposes equestrian elegance with hard plastics and acrylics to create dramatic, eye-catching pieces. I wore their Brid necklace (pictured above right) to a few London Fashion Week events and counted the number of comments…there were 32! Sad as it is that I counted, I felt that I HAD to count as the lovely Vivi often sends me her gorgeous creations to gain a better understanding of the design. The touchy-feely approach of Singapore design duo Vivi Masturah Lim and Aaron Kao suits me well and demonstrates something that can’t be seen in their photographs – the quality and beauty of their pieces. Something I loved about wearing the V&V necklace to London Fashion Week was the appreciative comments. I email poor Vivi every time someone heaps praise on their designs. In a way, I’m sure they are glad to be based in Singapore as it they may find taking out a restraining order a burden on our relationship! Peruse Sinew and Strain on their website and let me know what you think, so that I can bombard Vivi! (I’d also appreciate any feedback on the new image size…too overwhelming?)

2 by Lyn and Tony


The STATEMENT necklace – a hard one to pull off I find. The outfit must be suitably simple to highlight its impact but not so boring that your “noose” is all that people see. I have a few of the aforementioned S.N.s and although I wear them from time to time, I never seem to get the balance quite right. So it is always with an air of distain that I greeted my friends that manage to pull off this mean feat. A Londinium friend of mine looked AMAZING last week and on enquiry her S.N. was from 2 by Lyn and Tony, purchased in Colette (a mere trip to Pariiiis away!) After my instant hatred of her stylishness wore off, I decided to check out Lyn and Tony. They use materials from their native Australia, such as Kangaroo leather combined with handwoven silks. Aside from their skills in creating jewels, they are also reputed photographers; their visual aesthetic obviously aiding their design prowess. Check out 2 here – I may justify a Paris trip for an S.N. (Aus is out-of-the-question ;)



Hand-drawn textile prints make Katherine Pont’s London-based label, Mine, so appealing and so different. The individual touch that each piece has, makes them objects of desire. Romantic fiction and a modern edge combine to make oversized yet delicate collars and beautiful jersey neckwear. Katherine’s designs also include an extensive range of apparel, indicative of her fun yet sophisticated, Australian roots. Mine is a juxtaposition of styles and life that works so well. For more information go to the main site, Mine’s MySpace and buy from Beyond the Valley.

Robert Archard


I am odd, in many ways; the most shocking to many in that I dislike biscuits. They can be beautiful to behold – elegant, neat, fanciful and pretty BUT I only like to look, not eat. It’s not an issue of calorie content just treat preference. My treat of choice is pure, unadulterated chocolate not in the dried biscuit form. Robert Archard gives me the opportunity to indulge my visual fondness for biscuits, in the form of twee ceramic biscuit boxes. Custard Creams, Bourbons, Pink Wafers and Jam Sandwiches need not pass my lips, just sit on my dressing table (if I had one!) See Robert’s website for more of his creations and to purchase online.

Vice and Vanity


I think you can tell a lot about a business or organisation through their ethos or tag line…Vice and Vanity‘s,

We make vice things for vain souls. Baubles with soul…a possible beast? Ponder in the mirror.”

MMmmm…ponder I shall. My relationship with the fashion industry does hit ambiguous times; I love everything about clothes and trinkets, how they can express individuality, boost self-esteem AND then hate the pressure the industry can put upon us, to always look cool, to conform to a certain body shape/image (oh the ambivalence of fashion!) Vice and Vanity produce some very interesting pieces some of my favourites are showcased above. I adore jewellery than is multi-functional – Vice and Vanity offer us necklace-collars, brooch-buttons, therefore something more for your money. Take a peek and the website and let your vices take hold, with no restraint necessary.

Shop Cur¿ous, are you¿


Miss. Suzy Style Bubble tipped me off to Shop Curious and today they finally launched their e-store. So, who are they? Creator Susan Muncey tells us, “ShopCurious is for lovers and collectors of naturally beautiful things. It’s the online shopping equivalent of ‘slow food’: A backlash against the must-have consumer frenzy of the branded goods crazed brigade.” The store itself is an eclectic piece of genius, full of unusual trinkets and nicknacks; from vintage to contemporary, clothing and furnishings. My favourite items have to be these resin bug bracelets – vintage bangles from the 60’s, housing formerly real bugs (slightly inhumane…possibly, gorgeous…most definitely.) Get curious and peruse the site.

Robert Ryan


I have always been intrigued by the painstakingly beautiful screenprints and paper-cut-outs of Mister Rob Ryan. He has now ventured into a new realm, that of jewellery; in the guise of a fabulous collaboration with Tatty Devine. You can now purchase an, “Every Type Of Tear” necklace or an, “Everything I Love That Lives In My Heart” brooch. The only downside for me, your piece of Robert Ryan is quite costly but you can revel in the glory that you own a very limited edition, one of only 25 created. See Robert’s stunning work on his website and see his Tatty Devine collaboration here.

Giant Jewels


Bizarre victoriana abounds, in the beautiful hand-crafted pieces that make up Giant Jewels. Angela Muldoon takes the traditional and adds her own very unique twist. Need an aortic accessory? A bowed bird?…perusing the site makes you wonder how you ever lived without them. On all purchases until the end of May, Angela will kindly offer a free gift to Random Fashion Coolness readers. Take a look at the charming and eclectic Giant Jewels site and become enthralled.

Movie Mayhem


Tatty Devine have just launched their spring/summer collection, entitled Movie Mayhem. It’s kitsch, fun, quirky and full of cheesiness…and sooo appealing. I adore the 3D glasses, a nostalgic element of my childhood that still makes me smile, even more so when presented in the form of a brooch or necklace. See the full movie madness here.

I Heart Tatty Devine


Do you feel warm and fuzzy yet? Do you feel fed up and bombarded with the material commercialism of the “special day”? Whatever your feelings concerning Valentine’s Day, even the most cynical among us may feel our dark air lift, on seeing the kitsch offerings from Tatty Devine. Lollypop brooches, heart-shaped sunglass pendants, all completely non-essential but add a refreshing alternative to underwear and roses. See the full onslaught here.

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