Denim – double, triple…can these sins be forgiven?


This summer, my eyes have already been plagued by some sheer denim disasters…of the double and triple variety! Then an epiphany; I bumped into someone yesterday in a trio of denims, that successfully pulled off a perfect look. The key can be summed up in this little guide equation – stonewash + grey + indigo = acceptable denim x 3. The mix of materials worked in harmony! Stonewash + stonewash + stonewash = this (WARNING : open at your peril!) Another element of her look (apologies as I was unable to photograph her) were the proportions – jeggings (HATE that term!), plus vest, plus oversized denim shirt. The look I found that came closest is the image from Stockholm Street Style above, all be it sans “jegging!” The other part of me, Things of Random Coolness, has fashion sweats over the 80’s denim shirt…but he’ll get over it! If the term jegging frightens you as much as me, go to the pull-on jean section at Urban Outfitters…that feels more acceptable! I’d love to see your denim combinations too; email or contact me with your experiments.

POP & Me!


So today sees the beginning of a little side-project with POP magazine. I feel very honoured to have been asked to contribute and hope I do a good job. It’s just another place to follow my antics; so I can now be found on Twitter and POP and right here, my favourite place of all. I’m not sure what guise my links with POP will take but I’ll be making a start tomorrow. Also, don’t forget you can follow my blog with bloglovin too.

Florence + the Machine


A close second behind la mode or is that joint first with la lecture?…comes la musique. Refreshingly some true fashionistas have entered the world of music, where for me their style surpasses their musicianship. A prime example is the gorgeous Florence + the Machine – her look is truly unique and uncompromising, her innate talent undeniable, her music…is not yet to my taste (although I’m only 2 listens into the album.) Sometimes the hype surrounding these artistes is overwhelming, almost as if the industry cannot contain itself at the musical enigma it is presented with. They don’t have to manufacture anything, all the elements of success are there; beauty – check, talent – check, quirky fashion-forward style, check, hoards of equally cool fans – check! The album is then released and it’s good but not the equal to the phenomenon of the artist. The N.M.E. released quite a mediocre review of Florence’s album Lungs, that sums up what I said here in a far more scathing manner (which does make me sad as Florence’s voice is a joy!) Her style is breathtaking and so uplifting in an industry of complete fashion lemmings, so now I’m going to give her music a chance. Listen to Florence here and peruse her fashion magnificence everywhere.

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