Brix – the teaser trailer

So, the week before Christmas, the fabulous Brix Smith-Start invited me up to her Shoreditch Start boutique to interview her. How did I get invited? Read this previous post to see the madness generated by a tweet!! Needless to say, I had an amazing afternoon! I ended up gate-crashing Start for 2 hours, trying my best to film without my nerves wobbling the camera too much. I came home with a few full memory cards of footage but I’m not the David Lynch I thought I was!

Things of Random Coolness and I have spent an age trawling through the “material” and with direction and annoyance from me, we’ve created a little trailer, that I LOVE (I know I’m probably not supposed to say that about my own stuff!) Now I’m worried that the trailer will be better than the actual interview, as my mouth ran away with me and I managed to talk over almost all of the footage!!! So enjoy – the full interview will be with you in the New Year. Music is by my fave band du jour The Drums and it was filmed on a Nikon D90. I hope Brix’s warmth and openness is evident in the trailer – you will gain more insight in the full interview…coming in 2010 (again that sounds full of “hype!” I hope you won’t be disappointed ;) This is my first foray into the world of video, hopefully there’ll be lots more to come. Here’s my Vimeo.

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Les Néréides for Colette

I have come to a simple, yet obvious conclusion that Colette Paris can make anything cool. Fish and Chips in a bin-bag? Sold at Colette, they’d be the must have of the new season. Last week I was taken with their Fraggle Rock collaboration. I adore ANYTHING by Jim Henson, The Muppets were my life as a child. Fraggle Rock was their lesser known sibling show and their Colette tees and bags are amazing. I visited Colette last week and entered the pre-Christmas scrum for gifts. The shop was packed and I have never seen so many sales assistants on the floor (they were easy to spot as they’re all genetically superior and have an unmistakably cool edge ;) Everything in there seems to have been picked with such care and attention to detail, you feel that you must own it; your life would be enhanced by it.

I didn’t spot these Les Néréides Parisian pieces while I was there, shopping fever took over and I had to leave! But on return, I perused their eShop only to be dazzled. Someone reminded me this week to write about things I love* and these seemed the obvious choice to post about. I adore Paris, slightly to a point of obsession and these beautiful necklaces and brooches embody all that is quirky Parisian chic for me. The inclusion of the Métro, La Tour Eiffel etc. add to the kitsch factor, making this collection even more appealing. Now I am left with a tougher decision; which one to buy? Damn you Colette, why do you have to be so cool????

*Yuli Ziv wrote an insightful article on the importance of blog content. Read it here. Thanks for the Twitter heads up Mademoiselle Robot!

A Single Man


The strength of anticipation I must hold for this film became evident as I tried to create my collage. Yes, I’m quite a perfectionist. Yes, my images are usually faffy and take a while to create. But today, trying to make something to suitably represent Tom Ford’s directorial debut, I deliberated, dithered and deleted for hours. Here’s the problem, this promises to be a beautiful film. I can’t remember the last time I was drawn to a film based on the visual aesthetic alone…if ever? Every image I tried to collate seemed incredibly less beautiful than the simplicity of the movie poster itself; everything I tried to compile seemed overworked and messy. I’m still unhappy with it and have saved the Photoshop file to fiddle some more!

I watched the trailer today with the sound off and realised what has drawn me in so completely – its similarity to a glossy coffee table book or magazine. The production design is by the same people that brought the glorious glamour of the 60’s to the small screen, in Mad Men. The film (I keep saying “film” I should say, “trailer” as that is my only exposure to A Single Man thus far!) Anyhoo, the film has that grainy, saturated feel of an authentic 60’s production. Just watching the trailer makes me want to go out, apply copious amounts of eyeliner, bouffant my hair and pour myself a tall drink by the piano. There’s Hitchcock-esque suspense, romance and tortured souls but it’s not the story that’s captured my attention. Tom Ford has created a visual delight, comparable to a season’s collection or an editorial spread. I will reserve full judgement until I have viewed; my only concern is that this perfect visual may, for me, overwhelm the narrative thread. For now, I implore you to let the opulence of the trailer wash over you and to see A Single Man for yourself when it opens in you area.

Glad Tidings


Fifi Lapin for Topshop cards sent….check! Copius amounts of food bought…check! Last minute hectic shopping done…check! Christmas is here again and the usual chaos reigns. We have a joyous 12 for dinner tomorrow (today?) and I am the worst cook in the world! (unless you require a ham and cheese based snack.) The excesses of the season always drive me insane! The supermarket this week was comparable to a rugby scrum; a fight almost ensued as the aforementioned market was out of limes (heaven forbid!) The shops will re-open on Saturday, the sales will begin, life will continue as normal but those facts escape us in the preparation for “the” day!

In a bid to avoid consumerist hell, my family have decided on a present price limit* In theory this seemed easy but in practice was actually very difficult. The gift has to have a lot of thought put into it; the significance of it lies in its suitability for the receiver. Finding that perfect gift is never easy but something almost perfect can be disguised with a plethora of other smaller, less useful, less wanted gifts. So we shall see how this pans out tomorrow. Things of Random Coolness and I of course got this all wrong and bought each other the trip to Paris! We had a phenomenal time…but more of that in a later post – Paris by Polaroid shall be with you next week.

However you’ve decided to spend the festive season, I hope you are able to be with the ones you care about. Inevitably tempers will fray, tantrums will be had, too much of everything will be on offer and some incredibly banal TV will be watched. Here’s a Merry Chrimbo from me x x x

(* Children not included!)

Holly Fulton


Sometimes, it takes a more mainstream nudge to remind me of the stellar qualities of a great designer. Holly Fulton was an accessories designer at Lanvin in a previous existence and now is a designer in her own right, under her eponymous label. ASOS have championed Holly’s designs, now harnessed into an original collection exclusive to their website. The Fashion Industry is now teeming with new names and labels to watch and sometimes the saturation of the market means a unique talent slips off my radar. Her philosophy resonates with a multi-textured direction in fashion, “I love the idea of luxury, which, to me, is having all these cracked-out materials—crystals, plastic, metal, intense color—on simple shapes.” See Holly’s ASOS collection here and view her collections (pictured above) on her website.

Paris, mon lieu préféré x


So, I had a HUGE, elaborate post planned here. I was ready to share the secrets of my love of Paris, the little idiosyncrasies of this beautiful city that draw me in…but then I suddenly had a change of heart. All the things I love, seemed WAY to personal to share and my post suddenly seemed too pompous and preachy to blog about! Instead I need your feedback. Things of Random Coolness and I are off to Paris this weekend and I’d like to know what you recommend. Paris, for me is a city of contradictions; I feel I know it well but then realise each time that I go, I haven’t even scratched the surface. I used to spend my teenage summers with ma correspondante in Verneuil-Sur-Seine. We used to go into Paris every weekend and explore the delights of the city but they were inevitably the expected, traditional sites/sights. As an adult, I’ve tried to dive a little deeper and find the quirky, lesser known pleasures the city has to offer. So please indulge me, help me discover new glories in my enigmatic lieu préféré…I hope that on my return, I will lose my inhibitions and be able to share all of my favourites with you too.

I Heart Norwegian Wood


The Federal Trade Commission ruled this week that bloggers must disclose freebies, especially if they then blog favourably about the product. I am kind of in agreement with this (horror, shock, blogger disgrace?) Some may say it’s because I don’t get sent much free stuff but I believe it’s more to do with my struggle to maintain the integrity of my posts. I always appreciate designers, artists sending me emails with details of their products but I carefully screen which ones I’d like to post about – it has to have a strong sense of appeal to me, otherwise my writing lacks any heart. Yes, I’ve been sent free merchandise but I have never had the sense that I MUST endorse them; well, not yet anyway.

Which brings me to Iheartnorwegianwood. I feel that to make my post slightly more credible, I must offer the disclaimer, “NO free products were received in the writing of this post” Angie’s designs are phenomenal! Many bloggers have extolled her virtues in the past and I have coveted one of her fringed neck-pieces for some time. So to etsy I trotted (well, clicked!) and bought one a few weeks back. On arrival the necklace didn’t disappoint. Even though fringing is quite ubiquitous this season, it feels unique and adds a definitive edge to any look. On further research, I loved delving into a little more detail about Angie. Her Flickr account is a testimony to her trajectory as a designer, as she grows in popularity and confidence. (I would also like to point out I am not a stalker!)

So will I always feel this way about the free products and endorsements? Maybe not! But for now integrity seems intact and I urge you to check out iheartnorwegianwoods’ ETSY, just because I heart it too.

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