Bolongaro Trevor


When the original founders of uber-high-street-brand All Saints launched a new venture, Bolongaro Trevor (yes really) was born. Kait Bolongaro and Stuart Trevor launched the new eponymous label to rapturous praise from the fashion press; perusing the website, you can see why. I am particularly taken with the new Autumn/Winter collection, that promises to be affordable, yet stylish. Not yet available online, Bolongaro Trevor is now stocked globally, so go search them out.



Although the British may not have had much opportunity to don their swim-suits, in our eternal stoicism, we await the sunshine with patience. If we have forgotten what a true British summertime can be like, Manoush provides us with an idealised view. Bohemian floaty dresses, ice-creams on a pebbly beach, striped beach apparel…perfect. Manoush’s view is actually French and probably photographed elsewhere in Europe but still appears stereotypically “British.” See Manoush’s nostalgic campaign here and prepare yourself for that possible chink of sunshine!

California Select Vintage goes eBay


Regular readers will know I have been waiting in eager anticipation and finally American Apparel’s vintage side-line has now gone live on eBay. Check it out now…before these classic pieces are snapped up.

Cat Power


I have extolled the fashionable virtues of Miss. Power on the old version of my blog..but Monday night was my first live experience of her musical genius. The venue, Colston Hall, Bristol was actually very intimate and Chan Marshall (Miss. Power) was just hanging out on the steps with the Delta Blues Band as we arrived. Her voice evokes a strange analogy; it was almost like melting butter (it sounds sadly dweeby even as I write!)…so soulful and “raw.” So aside from her fashion icon status, Cat Power’s musical dexterity is now undeniable. Check out Chan Marshall’s vocal talent on her MySpace.

Vice and Vanity


I think you can tell a lot about a business or organisation through their ethos or tag line…Vice and Vanity‘s,

We make vice things for vain souls. Baubles with soul…a possible beast? Ponder in the mirror.”

MMmmm…ponder I shall. My relationship with the fashion industry does hit ambiguous times; I love everything about clothes and trinkets, how they can express individuality, boost self-esteem AND then hate the pressure the industry can put upon us, to always look cool, to conform to a certain body shape/image (oh the ambivalence of fashion!) Vice and Vanity produce some very interesting pieces some of my favourites are showcased above. I adore jewellery than is multi-functional – Vice and Vanity offer us necklace-collars, brooch-buttons, therefore something more for your money. Take a peek and the website and let your vices take hold, with no restraint necessary.

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