Alice by Jenny Packham


I’ve received a few emails about “the” wedding dress that I finally chose. Today, Ekaterina kindly commented asking for a glimpse – so here it is. The dress is Alice by Jenny Packham. It wasn’t necessarily the type of dress I thought would appeal to me; I expected more lace but it did have the classic line and fit I was looking for and hopefully a vintage feel. Now I’m faced with a dilemma – keep the dress, wrapped in tissue, to try on while hoovering or eating tea and biscuits on a rainy Sunday OR sell it, so that someone else may have some joy from the dress, other than the moths? The selfish side of me realllllly wants to keep it, perhaps as a weight gauge while middle-aged spread kicks in. The more giving side remembers how thrilled I was to find this dress in a sample sale at Wedlock, as the £1,400 original price-tag seemed too indulgent (bearing in mind our low-key nuptials.) The jury’s still out on whether to sell or keep, I’ll let you know.

Milan to Marrakech


I am returned! Married, travelled-out and overwhelmed. The wedding day, a joy that seemed to fly by in a blur. The honeymoon, a visual onslaught that took us from Italy to France, on to Spain and finally Morocco. I shall endeavour to get some photos on flickr soon but the whole experience could be summed up as a tale of concept stores, galleries and walking, all mixed together with heat! Reality now seems strange but I have plenty to post about to hopefully keep you enthralled.

Le jour de marriage….


I know, posts have been lacking…but this wedding business has been busier than I thought! So, this Thursday’s the day and then we’re off on our travels. Things of Random Coolness is looking forward to our little trek through Europe, with some well deserved respite in Marrakech to end our jaunt. So I shall be back in 3 weeks, with some photos and lots to tell…wish me luck.

Nuptials by Agent Provocateur


Yes, this is another Kate Moss collaboration. Yes, she looks stunningly beautiful and has capitalised on the wedding speculation surrounding her relationship with Jaime Hince. Yes, this has gained the expected hype for Agent Provocateur BUT what I love is the accompanying artwork. In a surreal twist, Agent Provocateur invites you to Kate’s fabricated nuptials, set in a dark, abstract underworld full of depraved imagery. See the White Wedding collection, plus Moss say, “I don’t” at Agent Provocateur.

Wedlock ends “The Quest”


So, I finally have the dress! The fruitless search has finally borne fruit and it’s all thanks to Wedlock of Windsor. Wedlock is a beautiful shop situated in the heart of Windsor; it holds an extensive and varied stock but it is the kindness and patience of their staff that I cannot praise enough. The aptly named owner, Sarah Lovelock, couldn’t have been more obliging and attentive, making the whole experience very “painless.” You may think “painless” a strange adjective but in The Quest I have endured some embarrassing, elitist appointments! I have bought (or rather my Dad!), a Jenny Packham dress but I shall hold-off on revealing which until the day. I now feel extremely relieved to have found a dress but shall still keep you posted with any pre-wedding eventfullness!

The Quest


The Wedding Industry is a monster! Between the definitive snobbery and exorbitant prices, my head has been spinning! Regular readers will know about my search – a laid-back, informal dress for a very quiet, relaxed ceremony. Every bridal shop I have visited, I have been greeted with a slight air of distain; they can smell the lack of potential commission from the sale of a “simple” dress! I have also noticed that my definition of simple and the average bridal assistant’s definition of simple, differ quite considerably! I have been offered jewel encrusted bodices, restrictive corsetry, and long trains…all in the name of “simplicity”. I must say that the lady who helped me at Vera Wang, in The Wedding Shop at Selfridges, was delightful. I had no intention of splashing out £3,000 + and explained to her I was only there to try on different styles and she still couldn’t do enough to help. Brown’s Bride were also very accommodating, although very budget obsessed (as they rightly explained, trying on a dress beyond your budget can spell disaster if you find it’s “the one”.) Designer-wise, I think I’ve narrowed it down and I now know I’m looking for a prêt-à-porter look, rather than bridal gown. Temperley London’s dresses have blown me away. Their mix of chiffon, subtle jewelled detail and layering combine to create gorgeous laid-back looks. David Fielden (whose website alone is a joy) and Jenny Packham also seem to fit the bill; so they are my next three stops on The Quest. Any suggestions you may have, I’d be extremely grateful and I shall keep you informed as to my progress!

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