Junya Watanabe


Juyna Wantanabe is an enigmatic designer. The buzz-words behind this show and there literally are only two of them, are, “geometric sculpture.” The headpieces certainly fulfilled that brief! It was almost bank robber chic, with nylon covered faces and unusual objects hidden beneath. As a protégé of Comme des Garçons, you could expect nothing except something truly visually assaulting. See the whole collection on Style.com.

How to put on a show…by Vivienne Westwood


Vivienne Westwood has always been one of fashion’s true creatives. For this fall season she has harnessed the creativity of some 7 and 8 year old students from the Portland School in Nottingham, to hand-paint some of the pieces in her new collection! What inspires me most about Miss. Westwood, is that she continues to be one of fashion’s elusive eccentrics and achieving a look has no boundaries, even utilising the imaginative talent of the young. Her show was everything a show should be, some stilt models adding that extra element of spectacle to the urban jungle scene. See the whole show on Style.com and marvel at Vivienne’s eclectic taste.

Polaroid Appreciation


The official death of the Polaroid (I exaggerate, the decommissioning of instant film) has got me feeling nervous. The Polaroid for me, has become a symbol of freedom in creativity. There are sooo many projects using Polaroid pictures that are seeped in originality…what will their future be? Writer, Geoff Dyer has produced a collection of discarded Polaroids that were found abandoned in bins, puddles and on pavements – flick through here at the Guardian’s page and marvel). I love the way Geoff describes them as, “memories without a rememberer”…genius! (Read the full article in The Guardian.) Another favourite project of mine is Postcard Polaroid. It is a gorgeous little blog, whose writer’s encourage you to send you Polaroid shots as postcards from around the world (example above, far right). The results are so refreshing and truly novel. It makes me want to run away to somewhere remote and send them my postcard! There are famous Polaroid users in the guise of Jeremy Kost. His website, Roidrage, showcases a collection of Polaroids taken at celebrity haunts. The Polaroid seems to capture a very different side of celebrity (one of Jeremy’s images was captured on a swan at Coachella, far left.) If you are a fan of the Polaroid, like me, then you must join Polanoid. It is a network/forum aimed at building the biggest Polaroid-picture-collection of the planet, celebrating the magic of instant photography. On Polanoid you will find some true gems (see picture centre) that seem to frame the world in a beautiful 70’s sunset light (I think that is the key to my love of the Polaroid.) If I could capture my forthcoming nuptials on Polaroid alone, I would; my family however, aren’t as keen!



I adore vintage, everyone adores vintage…but what’s vintage? A more socially acceptable term for second-hand? In my mind that’s all it is. What sounds better, “It’s a second-hand dress from Oxfam” or “It’s a little vintage piece I picked from a small local boutique?” The answer is obvious! Plus, true “vintage” often equates to expensive. All my friends seem to manage to find beautiful rare pieces cheaply, that seem to evade me! French company Heimstone offer a perfect solution – new but vintage-looking styles. There are floaty jackets and gilets, with buttons and antique gold details, alongside modern jersey and fashion forward dresses. Their collection has enchanted me…so the time I am searching for an elusive second-hand wonder and it continues to hide, I may resort to Heimstone.

Karen Walker Eyewear


I adore the new campaign for Karen Walker’s Eyewear. The floral fusion plus tear-soaked model cheeks are simply beautiful. Above are her X-Ray vision glasses, in blue, that don’t promise to deliver any superhero powers but do add a key element of fun. Be inspired with Karen’s Eyewear here.

Marni Assortment


My definitively favourite show of the Fall 2008 season has revealed itself in the form of Marni. It was an eclectic melting-pot of delights. The colours clashed, layering appeared to be haphazard (although I’m sure it was carefully constructed) and the tights, well…they were liquorice wonders! The make-up palette was minimal yet effective – yellow powdered high-cheeks and doll like lips. Some have criticised the merits of individual pieces but as a whole, I found the show and the looks mesmerising; I literally felt inspired and could visualise potential looks as I flicked through the photos at Style.com. I suggest you do the same and hope you love the dream that Marni provides.

Agyness Deyn


The modeling credentials of Agyness Deyn are flawless; she has scooped many awards, including Model of the Year 2007 but it is her über-cool, off catwalk image that has many fascinated. Together with her best childhood pal, Henry Holland, they combine to make a style tour-de-force. This evening Miss. Deyn appeared on the U.K. talk show, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and treated us to a rare occurrence, a verbal interaction with the model du jour. It was an extremely refreshing interview. Agyness lacked any pretension or falsified mannerisms; she seemed down-to-earth, friendly and “normal” (although genetically, obviously superior!) She often referred to her beloved Henry, who waited backstage. She also commented on her up-coming musical ambition with boyfriend Josh and a possible future career in acting (“like” was slightly overly used for my liking but didn’t detract from her charm.) So, my admiration of Agyness has swelled, primarily as now she is not just cool and striking but also human.



Georgia born Tamara and Natasha Surguladze are the twin-sister duo behind Tata-Naka. Their nicknames provide their quirky label name, formed after their studies at St. Martins. Their interesting designs are full of childhood innocence mixed with a very modern edge. I adore their website, that may be a little cheesy and slightly 80’s but reminds me very much of a cult U.K. television show of my youth, Knightmare – you navigate your way through darkened corridors to find their collections. See their ranges on their mystical site and purchase from Brittique.

Jil Sander Outerwear


Italy’s runway collections revealed these gems by Jil Sander. I adore the angular curves and smooth lines…collars are a secret love of mine and at the Jil Sander show, interesting collars featured in abundance. See the whole selection at Style.com; I am now saving up and waiting for next winter!

Movie Mayhem


Tatty Devine have just launched their spring/summer collection, entitled Movie Mayhem. It’s kitsch, fun, quirky and full of cheesiness…and sooo appealing. I adore the 3D glasses, a nostalgic element of my childhood that still makes me smile, even more so when presented in the form of a brooch or necklace. See the full movie madness here.

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