I am not a frequent celebrity blogger. You won’t find many, “loving what she wore” posts here. But today I felt compelled to post on, of all things, a celebrity dominoes tournament! The Hollywood Domino Tournament in NYC, held last night, brought out a certain style that I adore – 1920’s old school Hollywood glamour. I am not enamoured with the Hollywood of today; there is no sense of mystery, intrigue or inherent style. However, this charity event brought a glimpse of the Hollywood we have lost, with a sense of unadulterated elegance. Be whisked away in an air of nostalgia on Popsugar. Celeb posting endeth here. (for now anyway!)

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  1. susie_bubble Says...

    Heya…just wanted to drop you a comment to say that your blog is fantastic…. really really well laid out and formatted in a way that mine could never be….

    I am in agreement with you on the Hollywood of today…how can there be mystery or intrigue when one exposes everything by just getting out of a car…

  2. Random Fashion Coolness Says...

    Thanks Susie; glad you like it. This blogging thing is hard alongside a regular human job, as I’m sure you’re well aware! I’m way too much of a perfectionist too, so I spend faaarrr to much time in photoshop creating little images. Your blog is a staple in my internet routine, so thanks for all your efforts-they are very much appreciated. R x

  3. SOS! Says...

    Wish I could go back in time and go to all the shops in the 1920s. Sigh..

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