Feathers on animals are functional – they aid in flight, thermal insulation and waterproofing. As a human being, the most appealing attribute of feathers is their colouration. In the animal kingdom, the hue helps in communication and protection. In my world, the varied palette offers unlimited hair possibilities. Feathers are everywhere at the moment; on clothing and capes but particularly in the hair. Etsy have some fantastic pieces but I have been particularly taken by Each piece is handmade and one of a kind, described as, “Not perfect but fantastic and sometimes fantastic is better than perfect.” I LOVE this ethic – imperfections make everything so much more interesting. See the huge variety of slight imperfect perfection here. P.S. My only concern, can feathers really be called cruelty-free? I feel I need to educate myself a little more.

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  1. Nicky Says...

    I love the look feathers give you, sophisticated, feminin and fantastically o.t.t! Although the thought of real animal feather/furs gives me the slight chills!


    Check out!

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