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The Monday to Friday drudgery of “real life” is always tough but especially so in the winter. As you can see, the time and motivation to post has recently escaped me. Life seems a little bit more grey, your world seems seeped in darkness….and then the weekend arrives. You are given a ration of light that you are normally deprived of between 9 and 5 and a weight seems lifted off your shoulders. Colours seem more rich and visible (as unfortunately is the dust that accumulates in the darkness while you are at work.) My thoughts turn to macaroons on these cold but sunny winter days. In my mind: Sunlight + Crisp cold air + Colour = Parisian macaroons. I suddenly feel I need to dress a little more brightly and Chloé’s Spring 2009 collection comes to mind. I will never be able to afford any of the pieces from the collection but from it, I can take inspiration and be reminded of my favourite Parisian treat and feel that even in the darkest hours of winter, brightness is on the horizon. My personal favourites are Laudrée’s cassis violette macaroons, purple wonders! So if the winter obscurity is dragging you down, look on at Chloé’s vibrant upcoming palette and seek out a macaroon, of the purple variety if possible.

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  1. erika Says...

    omg. chloe ss09 def reminds me of yummy sweets<3 it is so fruity and it also reminds me of easter haha. very diff from fall! cant wait!!!!!!!

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