Gwyneth Paltrow may not be adored by some “celebrity” bloggers. The reasons for which seem to involve her unwillingness to discuss her private life (something I personally understand.) Miss Paltrow has never grated on me, so when she made her first foray into the e-world, I was intruiged. GOOP is a website with newsletters collating Gwyneth’s musings on life, fashion and indulgences. The advice given is balanced and objective on topics ranging from how to help a pessimistic friend to where to eat out in London. My personal favourite and unfortunately, possibly the most vacuous was newsletter 3 Miss. Paltrow’s suggestions on how to dress well and easily. My proposition, is give GOOP a try; you may like it.

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  1. Aja Says...

    I have to say, she comes across as icy, cold and super snotty. But I love that lady’s style. I blogged about goop too. I do like really enjoy the newsletter, despite her nose-in-the-air ways.

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