2 by Lyn and Tony


The STATEMENT necklace – a hard one to pull off I find. The outfit must be suitably simple to highlight its impact but not so boring that your “noose” is all that people see. I have a few of the aforementioned S.N.s and although I wear them from time to time, I never seem to get the balance quite right. So it is always with an air of distain that I greeted my friends that manage to pull off this mean feat. A Londinium friend of mine looked AMAZING last week and on enquiry her S.N. was from 2 by Lyn and Tony, purchased in Colette (a mere trip to Pariiiis away!) After my instant hatred of her stylishness wore off, I decided to check out Lyn and Tony. They use materials from their native Australia, such as Kangaroo leather combined with handwoven silks. Aside from their skills in creating jewels, they are also reputed photographers; their visual aesthetic obviously aiding their design prowess. Check out 2 here – I may justify a Paris trip for an S.N. (Aus is out-of-the-question ;)

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  1. rianna bethany Says...

    I think with bold statement necklaces the bigger the better and the more it stands out the better!!!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Claudette Says...

    I’ve checked out the site and theyre all amazing!
    I need to get my hands on one!!


  3. Frida Wannerberger Says...

    i like the “australian material idea” there’s nothing more sexy than jewellery with a thought behind it !!

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