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Candyfloss pink – it is everywhere. LOTS of my peers have mused on the importance of hair colour this month. Foxyman blogged on the joy of embracing the true hues of colour while Discotheque Confusion extolled the virtues of burnt orange. I however have been overcome by the power of candyfloss pink. Most people were seduced by the candy-coloured beauty of Dree Hemingway’s locks on seeing her image on Altamira during the spring/summer Fashion Weeks. I remember the flurry of tweets and posts that surfaced at the time. I don’t usually like to rehash what others have extensively covered before but I also made an agreement (with myself) to post about things I love.

As pastels invade in the spring/summer collections my mind has been filled with candyfloss. I am not usually a lover of pink. Fuchsias and cutesy baby pinks generally upset me. I also abhor the enforced gender “colour coding” of babies. But suddenly as sheer pastels become more ubiquitous I am slowly softening to their charm. I would adore to do a “Dree” and candy-up my blondness but instead I think a change in wardrobe direction may be inevitable.

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  1. Noura Says...

    i love this. i need more colour in my life too.

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