Les Néréides for Colette

I have come to a simple, yet obvious conclusion that Colette Paris can make anything cool. Fish and Chips in a bin-bag? Sold at Colette, they’d be the must have of the new season. Last week I was taken with their Fraggle Rock collaboration. I adore ANYTHING by Jim Henson, The Muppets were my life as a child. Fraggle Rock was their lesser known sibling show and their Colette tees and bags are amazing. I visited Colette last week and entered the pre-Christmas scrum for gifts. The shop was packed and I have never seen so many sales assistants on the floor (they were easy to spot as they’re all genetically superior and have an unmistakably cool edge ;) Everything in there seems to have been picked with such care and attention to detail, you feel that you must own it; your life would be enhanced by it.

I didn’t spot these Les Néréides Parisian pieces while I was there, shopping fever took over and I had to leave! But on return, I perused their eShop only to be dazzled. Someone reminded me this week to write about things I love* and these seemed the obvious choice to post about. I adore Paris, slightly to a point of obsession and these beautiful necklaces and brooches embody all that is quirky Parisian chic for me. The inclusion of the Métro, La Tour Eiffel etc. add to the kitsch factor, making this collection even more appealing. Now I am left with a tougher decision; which one to buy? Damn you Colette, why do you have to be so cool????

*Yuli Ziv wrote an insightful article on the importance of blog content. Read it here. Thanks for the Twitter heads up Mademoiselle Robot!

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