Glad Tidings


Fifi Lapin for Topshop cards sent….check! Copius amounts of food bought…check! Last minute hectic shopping done…check! Christmas is here again and the usual chaos reigns. We have a joyous 12 for dinner tomorrow (today?) and I am the worst cook in the world! (unless you require a ham and cheese based snack.) The excesses of the season always drive me insane! The supermarket this week was comparable to a rugby scrum; a fight almost ensued as the aforementioned market was out of limes (heaven forbid!) The shops will re-open on Saturday, the sales will begin, life will continue as normal but those facts escape us in the preparation for “the” day!

In a bid to avoid consumerist hell, my family have decided on a present price limit* In theory this seemed easy but in practice was actually very difficult. The gift has to have a lot of thought put into it; the significance of it lies in its suitability for the receiver. Finding that perfect gift is never easy but something almost perfect can be disguised with a plethora of other smaller, less useful, less wanted gifts. So we shall see how this pans out tomorrow. Things of Random Coolness and I of course got this all wrong and bought each other the trip to Paris! We had a phenomenal time…but more of that in a later post – Paris by Polaroid shall be with you next week.

However you’ve decided to spend the festive season, I hope you are able to be with the ones you care about. Inevitably tempers will fray, tantrums will be had, too much of everything will be on offer and some incredibly banal TV will be watched. Here’s a Merry Chrimbo from me x x x

(* Children not included!)

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