Garance Doré


Garance = an illustrator extraordinaire and an accidental, unassuming part of the bloggersphere’s most powerful “it” couple. Garance inspires me to blog better. This post isn’t really about the person but the work, specifically Garance’s collaboration with Gap 1969; a celebration of 40 years of the denim giant. I waited patiently for her t-shirts to appear on Colette’s e-shop this weekend and snapped up one immediately, despite it possibly not being my size. I then paused after my impetuous click/purchase – had I been drawn into the hype or was I genuinely enamoured with Garance’s work. I thought of the other designer collaborations that have caused such frenetic hype. The most obvious and recent has to be that of Christopher Kane for Topshop. There were some fantastic pieces but one dominated, the crocodile dress and t-shirt (Street Peeper’s montage, although humorous, made me CRINGE!) The concept is admirable, affordable designer fashion but when it becomes so ubiquitous, doesn’t it lose that unique element that makes it stylish? Kate Moss’ Topshop collections can’t go unmentioned; they photograph well but lack a sense of quality or originality in person. One of the collabs I remember the most was Viktor & Rolf‘s for H&M. I scoured eBay for one of their heart pocket trenches, only to suddenly realise, as I contemplated handing over £200 that the only feature I lusted after was the heart-shaped appliqué. So back to my original question, have I been blinded by my fanaticism for Garance into buying one of her t-shirts? The conclusion I have reached is a definite NO. How can I answer so defiantly? I just realised I have NEVER bought any design collaboration pieces before, not one and I must return to my original point; this is not about the person, it’s about the work. Je vais essayer d’écrire mon blog plus en français – si Garance peut le faire (même avec l’aide d’un traducteur) je peux le faire aussi.

Mick of Lane Brick


Whiling away a few hours on the corner of Brick Lane, I met Mick (more importantly, I met Kim…but more of that later) Mick has become a veritable celebrity of the aforementioned Lane. He has been snapped by the likes of Facehunter Yvan (merci pour le grand image,) Thread Bare Society and Moi! Mick has an ageless, innate style that can’t be replicated. Catch him on certain “vest” days and he could be mistaken for one of no fixed abode; on other days, he is a the stylish, bearded cad, harping back to a bygone age. His brogue-braces combo first struck me, along with the colourful impact of the whole ensemble. Mick’s eyes are piercing ice-blue and his brogues, cherry red – along with the faded denim shirt I encountered him in, this was a visual treat. What I learned from Mick is true style has nothing to do with age or monetary wealth, it comes from an inner-confidence and an inherent sense of who you are. So the next time you are Brick Lane bound, say Hi to Mick and ask him for a photo; he’ll happily oblige and pose like a pro!

Show Me Your…

show me your wardrobe

Another new post, another new picture size…still testing the waters! This post is all about the ubiquitous Jackie Dixon. You may not realise how often you see her work. Her blog, Show Me Your Wardrobe, morphed into Topshop‘s brilliant, Show Me Your Topshop (above left (vertical!)) for London Fashion Week. She pops up in all number of magazines, my favourite recent collaboration being with the Sunday Times’ Style’s Senior Fashion Ed, Natalie Hartley (pictured above both horizontally and vertically!) It may just be the voyeuse in me that adores everything that Jackie does. It’s amazing to get a glimpse into the closets of the stylish and see that they really do have 3 identical blazers like me, in 3 different colours; hardly a necessity! The Times’ Style feature has a unique quality, one that draws you in and makes you believe you HAVE to have that item, you simply CAN’T live without it, hence shaping my afternoon – the search for the perfect boy brogue on eBay!

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