Mick of Lane Brick


Whiling away a few hours on the corner of Brick Lane, I met Mick (more importantly, I met Kim…but more of that later) Mick has become a veritable celebrity of the aforementioned Lane. He has been snapped by the likes of Facehunter Yvan (merci pour le grand image,) Thread Bare Society and Moi! Mick has an ageless, innate style that can’t be replicated. Catch him on certain “vest” days and he could be mistaken for one of no fixed abode; on other days, he is a the stylish, bearded cad, harping back to a bygone age. His brogue-braces combo first struck me, along with the colourful impact of the whole ensemble. Mick’s eyes are piercing ice-blue and his brogues, cherry red – along with the faded denim shirt I encountered him in, this was a visual treat. What I learned from Mick is true style has nothing to do with age or monetary wealth, it comes from an inner-confidence and an inherent sense of who you are. So the next time you are Brick Lane bound, say Hi to Mick and ask him for a photo; he’ll happily oblige and pose like a pro!

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  1. ThreadBare Society Says...

    Thanks for the mention and I’m glad Mick’s legend is spreading! We should present him with a lovely piece of clothing from us all as a thank you present for all the snaps!

  2. Florent Says...

    Well you said it all! “Ageless”…That’s the ultimate aim, is it not?

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