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Another new post, another new picture size…still testing the waters! This post is all about the ubiquitous Jackie Dixon. You may not realise how often you see her work. Her blog, Show Me Your Wardrobe, morphed into Topshop‘s brilliant, Show Me Your Topshop (above left (vertical!)) for London Fashion Week. She pops up in all number of magazines, my favourite recent collaboration being with the Sunday Times’ Style’s Senior Fashion Ed, Natalie Hartley (pictured above both horizontally and vertically!) It may just be the voyeuse in me that adores everything that Jackie does. It’s amazing to get a glimpse into the closets of the stylish and see that they really do have 3 identical blazers like me, in 3 different colours; hardly a necessity! The Times’ Style feature has a unique quality, one that draws you in and makes you believe you HAVE to have that item, you simply CAN’T live without it, hence shaping my afternoon – the search for the perfect boy brogue on eBay!

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  1. The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes Says...

    I love this collage! It’s soooo cute!

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