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London Fashion Week was a complete enigma to me….until last week. LFW blogger etiquette eluded me too; to be honest I didn’t know if such a thing even existed. Then the blogger community rallied around to my twittering call of HELP and showed me how to be part of the great British fashion institution. My first lesson learned – if you don’t ask, you don’t get. I emailed lots of press-officers in the vain hope of one or two replies. Not having received my press accreditation, I did panic slightly but as Style Slicker and Disney Roller Girl assured me, the events are very blogger friendly. So, some invites started to drip into my inbox and up to Londinium did I head…with a sense of palpable trepidation! With the help of some good friends, I ventured to the Hospital Club for Nova Dando‘s fashion week unveiling of the Rainbow Collection. La Roux triumphed live for the select crowd, House of Dangerkat wowed with their “moves” and the champagne flowed, all be it a little too freely! One of the most interesting parts of the night for me was experiencing first hand other people’s definition of “celebrity.” I was overwhelmed by the presence of some of my fave uber-bloggers, whilst a certain Radio 1 DJ impressed one friend….another’s only starstruck moment came from viewing Banksy’s Lady Di tenners! What impressed me the most was that the common denominator is our humanity – if you venture over for a chat, these well-known souls communicate in the same way as us mere mortals…all be it they may not wish to talk back to you. A joyous revelation was Monsieur Yvan Rodic, the Facehunter. We share a common language, le français, and he was most helpful, insightful and friendly; I’m not sure why I expected anything less really! So quite a few myths were dispelled for me this weekend – LFW is accessible to bloggers, the famous and I are of the same species and Nova Dando gives good party.

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  1. Style Slicker Says...

    Glad you got in ok :)


  2. Milly Says...

    I finally managed to get to LFW =))
    Get my accreditation for Feb though as I now write for magazines, hopefully see you there!

    What shows did you go to this season?

    M x

  3. Savannah Says...

    Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

  4. mademoiselle robot Says...

    Oh lala mais tu es francaise aussi? J’ai decouvert ton blog recemment et j’aime beaucoup!
    J’adore l’effort pour le design, le ton de tes articles, c’est rafraichissant au mileu d’une blogosphere mode un peu fletrie.
    Love xxx

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