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As I get to grips with my Diana F+ camera, my admiration for professional photographers increases. Stories of the Eye is basically a perfect modern ad campaign for Olympus. Take 4 fashionistas, give them an Olympus camera and get them to photoblog the results. Alice Dellal, Daisy Lowe, Miquita Oliver and Lovefoxx of CSS, showcase their personal snaps in association with the aforementioned brand. Their combined cool factor alone is enough to make me nose through the shots and the collaboration with Olympus does lead me to question my next camera choice. I am enamoured with the Leica C-Lux 3 but do I love it for its look, or for its picture quality? Peruse the lovely ladies’ Olympus rolls here and maybe summon up the courage to submit your own photographic offering too. Feel free to tell me what camera you use and what you think of my “aesthetic” choice!

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  1. Raquel Brandao Says...

    Heyy, i really liked your blog, i just added it to my faves.
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  2. Tomorrow Says...

    i love the blog so much. i love your unique style!
    Tomorrow x

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