The rise of the über/power blogger over the last year has astounded me. It became even more apparent at the Arcadia blogger event last week. My conversations revolved singularly around the power-bloggers du jour and the reasons they wield so much influence – from the controversy and hype surrounding the youthful Tavi of Style Rookie to Scott Shuman’s respected first blogger publication. Susie Bubble‘s appearance at the event was met with great anticipation by most of the bloggers in attendance who proceeded to name-check her above all others there because of the kudos attached to her Style Bubble. Do not get me wrong, Susie was an absolute DELIGHT and seemed oblivious to the subtle furore surrounding her entrance, it is in the subsequent postings that her influence has been highlighted for me. So, it is on that note that I call all bloggers out there to showcase their blogs. I’m currently updating my blog-roll, a task I take very seriously! The big players will of course be there – Style Bubble, The Sartorialist, Facehunter and Style Rookie (name-checked as I used them in my montage photo above) but I’d love to highlight some new, up-and-coming blogs too. So if you would like me to take a look at your blog and possibly include it on my roll (if of course I love it too) comment on this post with your URL. I am currently sorting through the mountain of RSS fields I read daily but would love to see what else is on offer…go on…surprise me…!

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  1. Miss Fashion Whore Says...

    Have a look at my blog – http://www.missfashionwhore.com

  2. y Says...

    Hi there, would be awesome if you could check mine out although it is still small!

  3. Meg Says...

    You’re more than welcome to check out my blog if yoy want.


  4. Charlene Says...


    Literally just started so not a lot there right now..x

  5. Kb Says...


    Would love to see what you think, love your blog! So lucky you got to go to this event.

  6. Charlene Says...

    http://struttlamode.blogspot.com finally have a blogname….x

  7. Threadbare Says...

    I LOVE your blog and would love to know what you think about my new one too http://www.threadbaresociety.com Thanks for being so supportive of other bloggers, i thought it might be quite a cliquey little world but it is nice to feel welcome! i have some ideas to make it a bit different from other street blogs, so keep en eye out for the changes. Would love any feedback! x

  8. dreamy Says...

    that’s a lovely idea. perhaps you could tkae a look at http://www.thedreamylittlepictureshow.com

    ..appologies if you receive this twice, my internet page crashed the first time!

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