Covers sell – a fact, universally acknowledged in the world of fashion. I become more aware of it each time I peruse the magazine rack. There is a British magazine that I would never consider buying on a regular basis but the alluring face of a celebrity in an editorial style photograph seems to draw me in. Maybe it’s the possibility of seeing the celeb in a different, more cutting edge light or just my nosey nature…but whatever it is, I hate it! The magazine’s power of persuasion and power of celebrity have achieved their goal! A magazine that I do like and would buy anyway, has lured me in further with their Liv Tyler cover. Wonderland’s cover is graced by her cool beauty, adding extra appeal to the purchase. Celebrity isn’t the only required element – an unknown, styled well, with interesting features and a colourful edgy font is enough for me. However it works both ways – if a cover is graced by a “pseudo-celeb” that I have no respect for, I am far less likely to part with any cash. See what else Wonderland has to offer and decide for yourself what criteria entices you to buy.

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  1. susie_bubble Says...

    I almost didn’t recognise Liv on that cover…

  2. Random Fashion Coolness Says...

    I know…I think that’s what made me want to post about it. She’s a little TOO airbrushed for my liking but still absolutely stunning.

  3. iole Says...

    Love this blog. Really cool!
    I’ll come often.

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