Nouvelle Vague


Last night I went to see a Nouvelle Vague gig; a truly visual and acoustic delight. For those of you unfamiliar with the French fancy that is Nouvelle Vague, they are essentially a covers band but with a truly unique twist. The idea is to never forget the initial punk or new wave background of each song, keeping the simple fundamental chords, while working with young singers who have never heard the orginal versions. This allows the quality of original songwriting to happen in a completely different/organic way. There is an original, 60’s jazz feel to each song with a giant soupçon (excuse my poor juxtaposed qualifier!) of bossa nova thrown in. Their album artwork is equally inspirational, epitomising the French cinema movement of Nouvelle Vague. Last night, the performers, who vary with each album/track/gig, were a style explosion on stage. They writhed and shimmied across the stage, synchronising their artful dance moves. Take a look at my Flickr photos here (excuse the blurring!) and indulge your ears with some Nouvelle Vague.

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