The Nike Resurgence

I have a sudden love for all things Nike. I can lay the blame solely at one blogger’s feet, those of Claudia Helen. Please peruse Helen Glory and be in awe.

(Original image courtesy of Helen Glory)

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  1. Bardotty Says...

    I first became obsessed with Nike at the young age of 13-14. I still remember them: grey- light blue with a matte silver logo, comfy, stylish and everything I needed to face life and school – They made me feel cool! But alas, I was still growing… Growing and growing till I couldn’t fit into them any more. Tears were shed, desperate attempts to find the same in a bigger size, mum had to console me, I had to let go. To cut a long story short, I have never got over that first pair of Nike shoes and now, wearing my black-leather blazers, still makes me feel fourteen and cool. x

  2. Random Fashion Coolness Says...

    My first Nikes were WAY less coo than yours! They were white with a lilac swoosh. The had a tiny tongue that was hard to make stick out, in a time when EVERYONE wanted to tuck their jeans into their trainers. I was a proper dork ;)

  3. Amelia Says...

    While it never really went away, the return of the label obsession to the heights of street cred is disheartening. I guess the reality of child workers in Asia and India slaving away to make the shoes for the West are fading…

  4. Random Fashion Coolness Says...

    I think the whole industry of fast fashion needs to address the issue of the clothes’ providence.

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