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So, where to begin with this post…it’s a difficult one as I usually choose to not reveal too much detail about “me” on my blog. My blog of course IS me; but my personal details usually only interfere sporadically. So, to the news; I have become a human incubator. There’s a little bump of Random Fashion Coolness and Things of Random Coolness developing on my interior ready for a Christmas release date!

The reason I need to tell you this is my perspective on my personal style has been forced to change. I don’t want to make this into my baby-centric blog; my love and appreciation of the aesthetics of all fashion still remain. But every blog post I write feels like it requires a little aside of, “of course I won’t be able to wear the new season Celine til my post-birth bump deflates (or more accurately, “until I win the lottery.”) I am a very honest person and this honesty seems to pervade every aspect of my blogging, compelling me to pass on my important news.

Another reason I’ve been reluctant to mention anything up until now is that this is a whole new world for me, a completely new territory. I may be 31 but I feel I have the maturity of a small child. The responsibility of parenthood still overwhelms me, despite exciting me at the same time. The plethora of things that can potentially go wrong still makes me reluctant to share this information now…but there is kicking & poking & hormone induced euphoria that means my joy can no longer remain hidden.

My changing size is something I’ve taken the longest to adjust to. I think it’s the lack of control you can exert on this process that I’ve found the strangest part. I remember, pre-bambino, telling my friends, “When I’m pregnant, I’m going to eat like a monster and love every minute of justified expansion.” The reality of the first few months was most of the food I love was out of bounds. Shellfish, cured and rare meats, blue and mould ripened cheeses left my fridge, plus my appetite shrunk and nausea dictated that only the blandest foods possible passed my lips. I’m half way through now and my appetite is back with a vengeance…my cravings are for all the taboo products listed above! There is an obvious bump but the rest of me is yet to swell as I expected it too (childhood moon-face will probably make an unwelcome return in September ;)

Shopping has become more of an exercise in observation and visual appreciation, especially of the new Autumn/Winter pieces. I am however looking for a camel cape, as it’s a perfect expansion piece but all the delicious Céline inspired pieces cropping up everywhere are for my viewing pleasure only.

There endeth the news. I am blissfully happy, yet apprehensive. I intend to blog away as I grow and offer you a new perspective from my little world of randomness. My aim is to achieve this “glow,” I shall let you know if I ever attain it!

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  1. Sarah Says...

    Congratulations! And I’m so glad you’re back posting more regularly: I missed this blog.

  2. Esme Benjamin Says...

    Oh my! Congrats to you lovely. What an exciting (and terrifying) time. You’re going to be a fantastic mum I’m sure.


  3. Motherfunster Says...

    Congratulations. Such exciting news. Do not worry or feel scared you will be a fantastic mum. Buy the lovely clothes now! For a while your life will be too hectic and if you do manage to get to a shop you will find your self in the baby clothes section looking at a cute pair of shoes in a size 0-3m (sad but true!)   I bought a beautiful top whilst pregnant. Totally impractical, I wore it for a week before my expanding bosom and belly made it unwearable. It was 8 months after baby was born, after quitting breastfeeding – I found it again. It was a triumphant moment for me. It is similar to the moment that you find you no longer have to wear jeans with elasticated waists! 
    I hope you have a fantastic pregnancy – please tell us if you find any fabulous maternity wear – I had some things I loved but had to resort to wearing a tent at the end. The underwear is unspeakable. Try hot milk – to avoid looking like a granny. 

  4. Cat Says...

    As a Mum of a 2 year old boy and more recently (9wks to be exact) our new arrival, another boy, I too found it so very difficult to come to terms with my ever growing body and the fact that ALL maternity clothes really are quite blah. Box like, shapeless sacks with no style. Leggings became my new best friend. I rarely wore maternity wear but opted for floaty dresses and tunics pulled in with a belt to atleast try and make myself feel a little more stylish and keep some of my identity rather than just being a mum to be.
    Thankfully the final result of pregnancy makes it all worth it and the satisfaction that comes with regaining your pre pregnancy figure and having a fab excuse to go on a major shopping spree makes up for swollen ankles and getting up to pee several times during the night!
    I hope you keep well throughout and manage to hold on to your style.
    Many thanks for continuing to keep me entertained with your words whilst I feed my little one.

  5. Ellen Says...

    Ah congratulations. I am sort of just sat here smiling as being pregnant for the first time is such a treasurable, pleasurable thing. Especially now you’re over the first trimester. xxx

  6. Janet Says...

    Congratuations!!! I think Things of Random Coolness and Random Fashion Coolness are going to have a tiny bundle of perfect coolness!

  7. Glowingdoll Says...


  8. Isabella Says...

    Congrats!!Very exciting news!!

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