Scents, Smells and Hotels

Once again, idle chit-chat on Twitter has inspired a post. Marian Kihogo and Susie Erskine were discussing their mutual admiration (and Marian’s worrying obsession) with candles. I butted in, as over the last few years the importance of smell has become more apparent to me. I’m not going to quote scientific statistics proving how smells can make you feel a sense of comfort, anxiety etc but just how smells affect me.

Of late bad smells have infiltrated my existence. There are two VERY ripe camemberts in the fridge that kindly remind me of their presence ever time the fridge door opens. Their smell is not abhorrent to me but I have found it strange how they like to make themselves known. Our home (a.k.a. the building site!) has a plethora of strange, unfamiliar smells lurking around each corner. Cement, plaster, paint all tickle my nose hairs each morning.

Perfumes evoke a huge sense of nostalgia in most people. I’m not necessarily referring to fragrances alone – natural, floral scents have the same impact. The Hotel du Petit Moulin in Paris is one of the most phenomenal hotels I have had the pleasure of staying in. The hotel is a design masterpiece and I have extolled its virtues many a time on this blog. It is a hotel that holds many happy memories and I can be transported back there in an instant thanks to a smell. The first time I stayed there it was my perfume of choice, it was also their room spray of choice. No, I did not douse myself in Glade!…Jean Paul Gaultier 2 was sprayed throughout their halls and more ingeniously the lift. In the confined space there was no escape from it; the smell permeated every little corner and (I know this sounds SUPER ostentatious) and a little bit of my soul too. Please delete that last comment from your brain, especially if it made you throw up a little in your mouth!!

Smells are important, thank you for reminding me of that fact Marian and Susie. I now feel the sudden urge to go out and buy a Diptyque candle and I hold you both personally responsible!

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  1. Marian Says...

    Darling I love this! First and foremost, how ridiculously inspiring is your amazing collage? Simply brillinat! I could stare at it all day and still be inspired!
    Secondly I LOVE that the Gaultier permeated the hals and the embers of your fabulous soul! How utterly divine that they sprayed the crevices and corners of the hotel space in the fragrance, I would have happily never left! Gorgeous memories.

    Oh yes honey, smells do indeed invoke memories. Certain scents like Amber,mandarin,vanilla etc remind me of my childhood due to candles,perfumes etc used by beloved people I grew up with.

    Maybe I should send them(my mum in particular who had an amazing taste in fragrance) my home fragrance & candle bills as they may be the ones to blame for my addiction! :)

    Oh darling step away from the Diptyque candle :)… They get very very addictive, especially when you start burning certain ones in unison to create bespoke scents.

    Gorgeous post!


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