What grabbed me first was the website. I’m not usually a fan of flash intros but the spectacle of watching Woody Allen’s face merge with that of Nietzsche was too delightful to prevent me from diving in. Essentially these are little badges or pins but the charm and intrigue they evoke is quite gorgeous. I love the idea of people illustrating their philosophical and political allegiances, literally on their sleeve! I think it’s the child inside of me that loves the allure of a little badge. As an adult, I am still drawn to the most ridiculously cutsie, kitsch button pins and brooches and these somehow offer a seemingly more mature alternative. The most recent PHILOS-o-FACE project is called the Director’s Cut. Instead of professing your love for philosophy you can unleash your inner movie snob. Think David Cronenberg is a genius among directors? Then pop his face on your neckerchief! Worried your favourite director’s face isn’t overtly recognisable in front of the camera? Then feel free to switch your loyalty to someone a little more media friendly like Señor Spielberg himself.

If I ask myself why this website appeals to me so much, I have to look back to a gift Things of Random Coolness gave me a few years ago. He bought me a vintage panel bracelet, with iconic faces adorning each link. It was extremely delicate, so of course I managed to break it. I’ve never been able to find anyone skilled enough to repair it, so it sits lonely in a draw. Here’s a little photo. These badges remind me so much of it, it makes me want to go out, buy 12 and try to recreate the magic of my bracelet! So, now you can decide – directors of the modern age or philosophers that have shaped society? Then ask, should I show them off? The answer for me is yes….now, which ones to buy?

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