Je suis revenue!


Paris était formidable…comme toujours! The city draws me in, as always. It was expensive (more so as the Euro becomes stronger than the British pound,) it was busy and hectic but still something about the city gives me an inner serenity that I don’t find elsewhere. Big cities have a very obvious appeal for the tourist but the longer I spend in Paris and the more I get to know the city, I wonder if it could ever be a “home.” Am I deluding myself? Am I seduced by the appeal of big-city life, as seen by a visitor? I used to live in London and after a year I did become disillusioned and frankly lonely in a city of millions. Would that be the case in Paris….I will keep you posted.

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  1. Caroline Says...

    I always think that about Paris and the people that I tell that haven’t been there just don’t seem to understand, I wish I could live there, but I really need to speak better french first. Je t’aime Paris.

  2. aysha Says...

    I’ve been reading your blog for forever now… You are fabulous and frankly inspired me to start my own blog… I remember your old site (its still saved in my favorites folder)and how you made blogging fun and so very personal! You’re kinda like Carrie but instead of writing a column in a newspaper you write blog posts and instead of writing about sex you talk about fashion! I love this blog! Check mine out and please let me know what you think! I love Paris too but unlike you no matter how hard I try to speak the language (7 yrs of studying it) I just can’t grasp it!

  3. Astrid Says...

    I live in NYC and though it’s hectic it can sometimes be lonely-
    but there’s always interesting things to do so I am mostly inspired.

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