Random Fashion Coolness has reached the 2 year milestone. Your readership, ideas, kindness and comments are very much appreciated and spur me on…even when the day only offers me 5 minutes to myself. In the world of fashion the visual is all but on this, the second anniversaire, I would like to ask you about smell and the nostalgia it evokes. I began thinking about it only last week, as the importance of scents and smell wafted over me. Jean Paul Gaultier², is my parfum of choice and each time I spray it, I am sent to L’Hôtel du Petit Moulin in Paris. It is one of my favourite hotels, possibly in the world and I believe they use the aforementioned fragrance as a room freshener! It illustrates to me the fundamental importance of smell and the feeling of happiness, comfort and confidence that aromas can induce. So, enlighten me – what do smells mean to you and what land do they transport you to?

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  1. aysha Says...

    CONGRATULATIONS on turning 2!!! i’ve been a HUGE fan of ur blog for over a year now… i’m kinda sad i missed the first yr but i’ve tried to catch up i swear!!! u helped me discover FABULOUS accessories, what’s hot next season/this season, and u have been a form of complete and utter entertainment while i’m sitting at work… dreaming of a life waist deep in the fashion industry…

    smells and scents… my FAVORITE perfume has to be chanel’s chance but the eau fraiche one… it’s soooo fruity… reminds me of summer vacation… time to just sit back and relax… takes me back to when i first discovered the orginal chance scent on a trip to Rome with my BFF… nothing beats being in a GORGEOUS city, with a fabulous friend and smelling down right yummy… i feel youngER, i feel free, like i ALMOST turned back time especially when the first few sprays are released, free to engulf me for a second or two in their aroma, in the memories, and dreams…

    CONGRATS again and keep at it!!! Ure doing a GREAT job :)

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