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The New Year. For many of us it brings the opportunity for a “New You.” I haven’t made any official resolutions this year but I have made some realisations; I am getting older and physically the signs are starting to show. I read a really interesting article in Sunday Times’ Style supplement today entitled – look good, look better, look younger. It talked about the different tribes that are formed as the aging process kicks in; the naturals vs the plastics. The article must be read to be fully appreciated but it encompasses my gripe on where the bar is set on aging. In a world where “procedures,” injections and fillers are the norm, what does “good for her age” actually mean any more? So many Hollywood starlets look nowhere near their actual age but are never forthcoming about the amount of effort that allows them to remain ageless. This gives us mere mortals very little hope and unrealistic, false expectations. Then, once a certain, unknown age is passed and the same amount of monthly treatments continues, the freak factor sets in. So what can I do as the wrinkles start to appear? I have chosen to utilise a little more of a cover-up tactic that will begin in my beauty regime (that doesn’t currently exist except for some over-use of vaseline.) The now ubiquitous Shu Uemura eyelash curlers are first on my shopping list, followed closely by some of their lashes; if I get some longer, more feathered examples they will surely cover the creeping crows’ feet! So as age catches up with me, I shall try my best to embrace the changes, safe in the knowledge that the facade of the celebrity world can be as false as the characters portrayed.

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  1. editor Says...

    what a timely post. i’ll go look up that article now.
    i always had a long-term beauty plan – that one day in the future, i’d have to take it up a notch. start wearing lipstick, then maybe add liner, etc. and i guess i thought i would know when that day came, but i’m starting to wonder if it’s not already the afternoon of that day now. problem is, you don’t want to start making an effort prematurely. if any more can be milked from what a person has, you don’t want to intervene too soon.

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