Polaroid Appreciation


The official death of the Polaroid (I exaggerate, the decommissioning of instant film) has got me feeling nervous. The Polaroid for me, has become a symbol of freedom in creativity. There are sooo many projects using Polaroid pictures that are seeped in originality…what will their future be? Writer, Geoff Dyer has produced a collection of discarded Polaroids that were found abandoned in bins, puddles and on pavements – flick through here at the Guardian’s page and marvel). I love the way Geoff describes them as, “memories without a rememberer”…genius! (Read the full article in The Guardian.) Another favourite project of mine is Postcard Polaroid. It is a gorgeous little blog, whose writer’s encourage you to send you Polaroid shots as postcards from around the world (example above, far right). The results are so refreshing and truly novel. It makes me want to run away to somewhere remote and send them my postcard! There are famous Polaroid users in the guise of Jeremy Kost. His website, Roidrage, showcases a collection of Polaroids taken at celebrity haunts. The Polaroid seems to capture a very different side of celebrity (one of Jeremy’s images was captured on a swan at Coachella, far left.) If you are a fan of the Polaroid, like me, then you must join Polanoid. It is a network/forum aimed at building the biggest Polaroid-picture-collection of the planet, celebrating the magic of instant photography. On Polanoid you will find some true gems (see picture centre) that seem to frame the world in a beautiful 70’s sunset light (I think that is the key to my love of the Polaroid.) If I could capture my forthcoming nuptials on Polaroid alone, I would; my family however, aren’t as keen!

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