R.I.P. trusty iBook


If my posts seem erratic or sporadic over the next few days, it is because my trusty four year old iBook finally gave up the ghost on Friday, with a fitting computery sigh. Luckily data retrieval wasn’t an issue but not having your own computer can be more problematic than you may think. Mr. Things of Random Coolness has kindly allowed me to use his monster G5, with huuugge cinema screens, a great help in the art of blogging but he has more demanding computer requirements than I, so I will try my best to blog when I can. I felt my iBook deserved a dedicated post, as it served me well and is no longer in production. My next task, saving up for its successor.

Talking of Chris Benz….


…please take a look at his website if you get a chance. It is a collage of wonderment, that gives a true insight into what makes this artist tick. I need say no more.

Geek Chic by Chris Benz


I love to see relatively new designers shine and Chris Benz has provided me with one of my favourite shows of fashion week. Quirky, laid back and cool, Monsieur Benz epitomises all that I love about fashion. The “Geek Chic” element of his designs is what appeals to me the most. At heart I am a dweeb and Chris’ work legitimises this calling! I adore the unusual, almost “greasy” appeal of the hair; an untamed wildness, curbed only by the odd bobby pins. The odd mix of colours – mustards and turquoises, peaches and orange creams…mixed with oversized hats, serve only to exentuate the eccentricity that I love. See Chris Benz’ collection on Style.com.

Overdrive on Valentine’s Advertising


I am currently being bombarded with a glut of Valentine’s advertising. This “special day” seems to hold far more commercial value that it upholds the sanctity of love! I’ve been told I need tights, underwear, chocolates and flowers in order to feel “truly” loved on February the 14th! there is also a huuuuge gap in the market for men on Valentine’s Day. I’m all for equality but the whole event is geared towards women (except for the possibility of seeing your loved one in some revealing underwear…if you buy it for them). What do you buy a man on Valentine’s Day? Plastic eye-patches? A colouring book? A cook book? It’s a toughy, as the are no traditionally accepted gifts. Anyway, rant over! One piece of commercialism that did take my fancy was the above “pout” ad from MAC cosmetics. Full of sexual inuendo, as all the ads have been but in a very stylised, almost ironic way. If I received more ads like this, I could even be persuaded to buy something…maybe!

Bona Drag


Bona Drag is a very unique online store. It showcases as very strictly sourced selection of women’s clothing and accessories, from sought after designers to vintage finds. The e-store is an illustrative joy, full of dream-catchers, feathers and birds. It isn’t often I stumble across a site so dedicated to finding original pieces; so take a look for yourself here.

Fun at Fashion Week with Betsey Johnson


Betsey Johnson has provided an eclectic mix of her vintage fashions and new beatnik styles, in a show that was pure visual indulgence. 80’s and 90’s trends were reborn and resurged. The styling was accentuated by the devoted use of crimping irons, highlighted by the quirky placement of an odd beret. The leg wear fascinated me the most…15 denier sheers with diamonds and spots, or over the knee, sporting socks. The styles weren’t essentially very wearable, a bit too “body con to the extreme” for me (a little Olivia Newton-John reveal in Grease) but sooooo fun and heartracingly different. See the whole show (must be viewed from beginning to end) on Style.com. I so want those red glasses!

Proenza Schouler


Dramatic blue hues, ruffles, silk, oversized bows, folds, layering…the Proenza Schouler show can only be described as understated opulence. The fabrics and details were truly luxurious, all off set by the bold, icey blue eyes. See the whole beautiful collection on Style.com.

I Heart Tatty Devine


Do you feel warm and fuzzy yet? Do you feel fed up and bombarded with the material commercialism of the “special day”? Whatever your feelings concerning Valentine’s Day, even the most cynical among us may feel our dark air lift, on seeing the kitsch offerings from Tatty Devine. Lollypop brooches, heart-shaped sunglass pendants, all completely non-essential but add a refreshing alternative to underwear and roses. See the full onslaught here.

Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony


Opening Ceremony is quite an enigmatic brand/store in my fashion awareness. I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting L.A. or New York for a few years, so first hand experience is nil. Their website is equally uninformative. I do however know that Miss. Chloë Sevigny has collaborated with the brand, the website and Nylon magazine confirmed it today. We can expect jackets, grunge frocks, sunglasses, zip-up ankle booties, to name but a few of the delights…but where can I see them? If anyone can enlighten me, please do so!!!

Shea Prueger


Flicking through the most recent shots from New York Fashion Week, Shea Prueger’s striking look really stood out for me. I adore models that break the usually accepted fashion mold. Shea’s basin-bowl-cut and jet black hair, that slightly conceal her piercing blue eyes, make her the simple definition of fashion forward. Her agents describe her as a “hipster” and if there were a personification of the word “hip” (a word that makes me cringe just a little. I think of my mum trying too hard, “Oh…he’s hip”, oh my! ) then Shea would be it. You can see more images of Shea at Style.com (at the Jovovich-Hawk show) and marvel at her originality.

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