R.I.P. trusty iBook


If my posts seem erratic or sporadic over the next few days, it is because my trusty four year old iBook finally gave up the ghost on Friday, with a fitting computery sigh. Luckily data retrieval wasn’t an issue but not having your own computer can be more problematic than you may think. Mr. Things of Random Coolness has kindly allowed me to use his monster G5, with huuugge cinema screens, a great help in the art of blogging but he has more demanding computer requirements than I, so I will try my best to blog when I can. I felt my iBook deserved a dedicated post, as it served me well and is no longer in production. My next task, saving up for its successor.

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  1. anisa Says...

    My iBook is also on it’s last leg. I’m glad yours had a peaceful passing, and allowed the retrieval of data. Good Luck with it’s replacement.

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