Overdrive on Valentine’s Advertising


I am currently being bombarded with a glut of Valentine’s advertising. This “special day” seems to hold far more commercial value that it upholds the sanctity of love! I’ve been told I need tights, underwear, chocolates and flowers in order to feel “truly” loved on February the 14th! there is also a huuuuge gap in the market for men on Valentine’s Day. I’m all for equality but the whole event is geared towards women (except for the possibility of seeing your loved one in some revealing underwear…if you buy it for them). What do you buy a man on Valentine’s Day? Plastic eye-patches? A colouring book? A cook book? It’s a toughy, as the are no traditionally accepted gifts. Anyway, rant over! One piece of commercialism that did take my fancy was the above “pout” ad from MAC cosmetics. Full of sexual inuendo, as all the ads have been but in a very stylised, almost ironic way. If I received more ads like this, I could even be persuaded to buy something…maybe!

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