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Trend names have been known to drive me to distraction. A new look appears on the catwalk and immediately it has to be deemed a trend and given a fitting and at times, an obscure, title. has chosen to highlight the following future fashion inclinations – “Neon Bible,” “Nice Stems” and “Bare Market???”…to name but a few! What do they mean? More importantly, what do they translate to for the everyday wearer? So, this is why today my blog features Elisha Cuthbert. She is not here as a style icon, nor for her alleged celebrity antics and especially not for her catalogue of “choice” film roles. I have featured the aforementioned Miss. Cuthbert to show how one of these trends translates into a wearable look. I’ll label my trend “Boyish Girl” (also known as “Boy Meets Girl,” “Manish!” etc.) On the catwalk at Lagerfeld‘s 2007 show, we see a very severe look – military lapels, stiff high collars, a very precise ensemble. Elisha Cuthbert achieves an on-trend style but with a softer feel – a more subtle boyish cut, a girlish bow, high waisted, yet looser trousers; giving us mere mortals a glimpse at a more manageable look. I get trends, I understand them. I do not feel a compulsion to follow them religiously (à la Miss. Beckham) but I will borrow from them. I will not however, truly understand this bizarre pigeon holing and naming process.

Topshop Lookbook


Topshop have published their style bible, the spring/summer lookbook. I would prefer to call it a clothing combination guide. As individual items, some of the garments can look cheap (maybe a little harsh), perhaps I should say uneventful. The lookbook shows you how to marry these pieces together to create a trend, each of which is interestingly entitled, Maggie, Iris, Boho Tech and Modern Romance. I wouldn’t call the lookbook inspirational but it’s definitely directional.

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