Robert Ryan


I have always been intrigued by the painstakingly beautiful screenprints and paper-cut-outs of Mister Rob Ryan. He has now ventured into a new realm, that of jewellery; in the guise of a fabulous collaboration with Tatty Devine. You can now purchase an, “Every Type Of Tear” necklace or an, “Everything I Love That Lives In My Heart” brooch. The only downside for me, your piece of Robert Ryan is quite costly but you can revel in the glory that you own a very limited edition, one of only 25 created. See Robert’s stunning work on his website and see his Tatty Devine collaboration here.

Giant Jewels


Bizarre victoriana abounds, in the beautiful hand-crafted pieces that make up Giant Jewels. Angela Muldoon takes the traditional and adds her own very unique twist. Need an aortic accessory? A bowed bird?…perusing the site makes you wonder how you ever lived without them. On all purchases until the end of May, Angela will kindly offer a free gift to Random Fashion Coolness readers. Take a look at the charming and eclectic Giant Jewels site and become enthralled.

All Saints Sun


Purveyors of cool All Saints, are treating us to an eyewear collection. The Lovecat, Reflex and Lazer are among just a few of this extensive selection. There are various colours, styles and shapes…all we need now is the sunshine.

California Select Vintage


American Apparel has been dipping its toe into the world of vintage for a while. I’ve posted about their vintage glass frames and sunglasses before but for a while now, American Apparel have sneakily dived right in to the vintage pool, in the guise of California Select…Vintage and More. Their blog showcases the fabulous vintage fashions on offer but, until now, the joyous pieces have only been available in the California Select stores…and then this ad surfaced last week. A website this way cometh! Buying vintage online is always a difficult one. It is hard to gauge sizes and styles and the true quality isn’t always evident. I’ll post a list of my favourite eBay and online vintage stores at some point this week, just to show that some sites really make a concerted effort to show every detail of their garments.  The addition of another vintage store is always one to celebrate…especially after perusing their blog. I shall now sit back and wait in eager anticipation for California Select‘s first steps into online sales.

Reflective Fashion by Brian Lichtenberg


Nu Rave takes a new direction with Brian Lichtenberg‘s psychedelic spectrum of clothing. I adore the unusual use of hall of mirror style imagery on the website. It makes it hard to differentiate between the original image and the reflection in the silver-lined dreamworld of Lichtenberg. A celebrity favourite, Brian’s star is on the rise. Holographic collaborations with M.I.A. have highlighted his 80’s roots but take a look at the website to see the full range B.L. has to offer.

Zadig & Voltaire


I had never heard of Zadig & Voltaire before, until today they appeared in The Sunday Times Style magazine. I was intrigued. The Style supplement showcased an on-trend, tie-dye, jersey maxi-dress. When I perused their e-shop, I was not really blown away. Their clothing seems very basic; very Uniqlo but then I stumbled upon their Looks page. What a difference a little bit of styling makes; from basic to goth-rock in an instant. From plain simplicity to summer floaty elegance in a click. I shall reserve judgement until I see their clothing in person but for summer jersey staples, Zadig & Voltaire seem to be a good option.

Bona Drag


Bona Drag is a very unique online store. It showcases as very strictly sourced selection of women’s clothing and accessories, from sought after designers to vintage finds. The e-store is an illustrative joy, full of dream-catchers, feathers and birds. It isn’t often I stumble across a site so dedicated to finding original pieces; so take a look for yourself here.

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