Felt Mistress

I cannot take credit for this little gem of a find. Brix Smith-Start extolled the virtues of the Felt Mistress in my little interview and implored me to take a look at her work. On my return home I did and I must say I was astounded! Felt Mistress makes plush “toys.” I place the word toys in inverted commas as it seems to trivialise her fantastic work. My person favourite is her smoking Serge Gainsbourg pictured above. Her attention to detail produces the most perfect specimens that for me rival my material heroes, The Muppets. The other reason I hesitate to use the word “toy,” is my personal desire to own one of  Felt Mistress’ pieces – I feel I’m WAY too old to own a toy of my own! In my forthcoming interview with Brix, you’ll be able to hear of her fervent admiration for Felt Mistress’ work & get some sneaky insights into future collaborations. I’ll keep you posted, literally, here! I’m also hoping to visit Felt Mistress myself soon to photograph some of her amazing work and hopefully snap up a Serge!

You MUST also take a look at Felt Mistress’ other half’s site, Draw Serge! If your a Gainsbourg fan like me, this site is a must. This was another hard collage to make for me. It doesn’t truly show off the genius of Felt Mistress’ work so don’t forget to peruse her Flickr and blog for a better insight into her creations.

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