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I felt slightly winded on seeing Christopher Kane’s new collection through the minimal display feature of Net-a-Porter. Maybe it’s because I have a frozen shoulder or perhaps it’s their overwhelming beauty (combined with an equally immense price-tag!) They dazzled on the catwalk but their singular beauty is more emphatic when framed by the stark white of Net-a-Porter. They are transformed into pieces of art as opposed to mere items of clothing (although as I cut around the scalloped detail dress, far right, it did start to shape itself like a Darlek!) So on days like this, I do wish that my bank account was an ocean and £3,000 a tiny drop within it…but as that’s not the case, I can look and drool and wish my architectural sewing skills existed! See all Christopher’s masterpieces on Net-a-Porter.

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  1. Lily Mathilda Says...

    THose are pretty! This may sound weird but they look absolutely delicious. Like delicate icing.

  2. Claire Says...

    They’re such lovely sculptural pieces, so unusual, and they’d last for a long time, you’d look at them in our wardrobe and keep them forever.

  3. Kat Says...

    I wish I could own one Christopher Kane dress soon!

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