Snow Day


Snow has engulfed the U.K….if you are British and the bombardment of news stories and Facebook statuses has passed you by, you are lucky. I love the snow, as most people infrequently greeted by it do…but today I was faced with my first snow-related style dilemma. Is it possible to look stylish and yet practical, whilst being pelted with heavy snowfall? I am lucky to work close to where I live, so I decided to brave the Russian winds and head to work on foot. Workwear for me is smart/casual but even this vague remit seemed impossible in the snow. My final outfit came close to a skiing yeti but it did its job and was functional in a country that has ground to a halt over the last 2 days. The Victorians seemed able to achieve this feat of style + practicality (or were they always cold but stylish?) I tentatively entered the phrase “Victorian winter muff” into Google Images (take care on Google main-page me thinks!)…but was relieved when winter hand warmers were the only items on show! It showed the sophistication of a bygone age but gave me no inspiration as far as my own wardrobe is concerned. So, I ask for suggestions. How to the nordic peoples and Russians manage it? Iceland is one of the most “it” fashion places of the last few years! Answers on a postcard please (the comment box will do!)

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