Feathers in fashion present me with quite a moral dilemma. I am not delusional enough to believe that such a prolific amount of feathers simply molt from the bird in order to facilitate fashion but each time my eye is drawn to a feathery piece, I wish this could be true. I have heard tales of plume hunters, that destroy birds in order to remove a small portion of feathers. Some birds, however, like the Ostrich, are plucked and their feathers do grow back…so the quandary continues! As far as my blog is concerned, my interest in feathers is to see how the trend translates from the catwalk to the street. Above are catwalk images from Carolina Herrera and La Perla but far left, is a great feather edged skirt seen on Street Peeper and far right, a gorgeous Parisian image from The Sartorialist. So, feathers can be worked into daily looks but for me, finding out where the feather’s came from would be quite essential.

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