A delicious rainbow by Galliano


The pallet at John Galliano‘s Paris show was eclectic, as I expected but almost fanciful, in a way I haven’t seen before. It reminded me of swirled tubs of thick ice-cream, laid out so appealingly, it is impossible to choose which one you would like the most. The show played out like a movie, a film of oversized jewellery and bold colours, that are sure to be a refreshing tonic to the darker tones of fall. My only reservation in posting this was Galliano‘s use of fur. I understand how some extoll the virtues of fur in fashion; there is no denying that to some, it can be aesthetically beautiful. It feels like a dream but I personally prefer to feel that dream on the actual creature….I have enough difficulty justifying to myself eating meat; the bones are too stark a reminder of the true origin of my repas! (I am not sure if the fur used at Galliano‘s show was real or fake, so I shall reserve judgement until later.) See Galliano‘s full masterpiece at Style.com.

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